Test Equipment Rental

RF, Microwave and Digital Test Equipment Rental
Our rental service includes RF, MW and digital test equipment from the leading manufacturers such as Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix and More. With us you can rent test and measuring equipment for any period of time, from several days to months.
We deliver our test equipment with manufacturer’s calibration, warranty, support and maintenance (provide you replacement equipment).
Our test equipment available from stock in Israel and we supply to our customers in 1 day.

Benefits of Rental Test Equipment are:

  • Rapidly adjust and update your test equipment to Industrial and project changes in the R&D and operation departments.
  • Flexibility to rent a specific item for a particular job at the time that you need it.
  • Renting can cut costs by eliminating the need for maintenance, support and calibration
  • Allowing you to use your capital for other expenses that will help grow your business
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